Mercy No More

"Stories are never completely true."


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Gore and strong language is involed. You have been warned

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y can i no art correctly?! vyhbujn— bleghbleghblegh; need to improve so much holynuudlez.

everything i touch turns into angst 

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At this notice that hidan took and brought up make deidara shy from his previously confident snarky self. Instead he gave a small scowl, glancing away to the side to avoid the other’s seemingly intense stare.

"Hah? You must be delusional, so what if it was a pretty… o.k kiss?..” lie count, 1. “Sure I didn’t dislike it or pull away, but also doesn’t mean I exactly liked it,..” lie count, 2. “I’ve kissed better, hm.” aaand lie count with a total of 3. 

       ”Kissed better, huh?” oh he just couldn’t resist the chance that had been practically handed to him. "If ya mean with, yourself, that doesn’t count, blondy." Hidan was going to take advantage of his little gift to read people, up until the brat either shoved him back or gave in. First was that grin, that devious little grin that was drawn across his ashen face, then came the slow closing of space, and at last, as his own little payback from the happenings before, Hidan gave the plump bottom lip of the terrorist a bite and tug. He was a tease, they bother were and they both knew it, so why not poke some fun? "You’re a fuckin’ horrible liar, Deidara-chan.”

“Is it… is it over now?”

- Every Naruto fan after chapter 690 (via dailydoseofsasusaku)