What Could Have Been


"Stories are never completely true."


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I just want an RPing Soulmate. Is that too much to ask?

You ever notice how other RPer’s seem to find the one mun to RP with where they get to make interesting plots that never die, and they both drop everything to reply as soon as it comes in because they’re so excited about it? They seem to have this bond together that exists both IC and OOC and you know that even if no one else ever RPed with them again they wouldn’t care because they’d still have each other.

I want that. I want that so badly my teeth ache.



he is the voice of the fandom

Hidan: Can I just say t-
Everyone in the akatsuki: No

{+}// uwu~ thank chu bab!

what if we have like, three chapters of fighting, and the rest are just the two passed out because honestly they’ve been fighting so long it’s gotta happen at some point cuz a bro gotta snooze


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